Weekend Reads


The way we read, what we read, and how we get what we read has changed a great deal in the last 5 years.  Nearly 30% of Americans have read an e-book this year; this is a very interesting article about the impact that electronic books, the Kindle and Amazon have had.

A long, but fascinating article about how our Christmas trees make their way to us.  

Another interesting article about sleep.  Too many Americans are trading working for sleep and it’s literally killing us.  

We sometimes think we have challenges and feel sorry for ourselves.  We shouldn’t and here’s a great reminder why.  An inspiring interview with Dan Berlin, the first blind person to run the Grand Canyon trail.

It’s Christmas time which means most folks are out buying a whole ton of crap they don’t need.  Is there a different way?  There is:  Breaking free from the often un-noticed grip of consumerism.



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