Weekend Reads


Ever hear that the brown truck UPS drivers only make right-hand turns?  Well, turns out it’s mostly true.  Read that and 18 other interesting UPS secrets.

My wife doesn’t have this problem (he, he) but for those of you married to an imperfect spouse, this article  is a pretty good read.

We probably don’t think about sleeping as much as we should.  Here’s an interesting take on sleep.

No, 50% or marriages DO NOT end in divorce.  Divorce rates are actually down over the last 2 decades.  But that doesn’t mean there aren’t still concerns.

Reuters news service showcases their top photos of 2014.  Warning:  a few of the images are graphic, showing some of the hate and violence in this world.

Sorry for some of the mildly inappropriate language, but I found this Santa Claus ecard to be really funny.

someecards santa fat bastard



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