Weekend Reads 1-31


Here is some great reading for the weekend.  Relax, enjoy some coffee or tea or whatever you fancy, and read, read, read….

One of the reasons I like to post these links to articles to read is because it helps promote the opportunity to slow down and rest.  Whether you call this sabbath or just a day off, in this article, “Here are 7 principles about Sabbath rest that I am learning. I share them in hopes they might help others fighting the battle of busyness, fatigue, and endurance.”

I’ve said it before, but in terms of wealth and comfort, most of us in the USA have far more than we need; heck, more that we want.  This is a good reminder that you are a lot wealthier than you realize.  

We all love our children more than we can even understand.  For those who want to pray more consistently for their kids, here is a nice resource.  If you don’t buy into all this faith & prayer stuff, it’s worth a quick read anyway… it can still give you some excellent ideas on how to love your kids.

Here’s an interesting article about how one family’s time living abroad gave them a different persecutive on living a simpler life with less stuff.  Thanks to my sister for pointing it out to me!

If you have a child who is getting close in age to having a cell phone, this is a great article about a contract some parents signed with their child.  It has links to several other good ones as well.  When our kids get cell phones, this is definitely something we will be doing.

Apparently iPads aren’t as screamingly popular as they one were.




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