Weekend Reads


How would you like to be cooped up with your family, for a year, with nowhere to go, in a small apartment?  Doesn’t sound like fun, but there’s a lesson here somewhere.

What Your Tweets Tell Us About the Year’s Biggest Stories.  What America talked about in 2014, viewed through 184.5 million twitter mentions.

If you’d like to reduce the clutter in your home, here are 7 ways to work towards that goal.

Here’s an explanation of the turbulence of oil prices.  

In honor of THE Ohio State Univeristy Buckeyes football team making it to the national championship game, here is the Best Damn Band In The Land doing their Hollywood Blockbuster Show.

Do you have a lot of debt?  Credit cards?  Student loans?  Other crap?  Here’s proof you can get out of debt and build a better life for you and your family.



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