Weekend Reads



Saturday is a great day to grab a cup of coffee or tea, snuggle up and enjoy some good reading.  Here are some of the most interesting articles I’ve been reading this week.

An excellent article on sloth by Christian, blogger and Mom Melissa Edgington.  She says (and I agree):  It all started with my God-given personality.  By nature I’m a “recreator,” an enjoyer of free time;  in fact, I need down time in my life, just to relax and do nothing.  I like to do fun stuff and I don’t like to do not fun stuff.  

A wonderful discussion by popular author Randy Alcorn about leaving an inheritance for our children.

Many of us want to feel like our lives our meaningful, that we live with purpose and we are living extraordinary lives.  One of my favorite bloggers Tim Challies writes about living an ordinary Christian life.

I grew up when the “hot” video games were on Atari and were Pitfall, Asteroids and Galaga.  Other than that, I’ve never had much interest in “gaming” but this article help me understand the phenomenon we see today.

A very difficult article to read about one husband and wife’s battle against her mental illness.  It’s heartbreaking and I find it almost impossible to imagine being in such a situation.

I have always loved photography; from buying my first 35mm camera at age 12, to a wonderful re-birth of digital photography about 15 years ago.  Here is a short video about the man who invented the digital camera.  Fascinating!



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