Weekend Reads



The Hubble telescope has taken some truly astounding and awe-inspiring photos, perhaps none more so than the recent images of the “Pillar of Creation.”

There are some big football games this weekend, if you care about such things.  There are 4 NFL playoff games, as well as the College Championship.  Go Buckeyes!  Here’s an interesting article about whether or not most church goers would skip church for a football game.  Would you?

J.D. Greer writes about doubt.  Vice?  Virtue?  Both?

I’ve committed to living more deliberately and purposefully in 2015, and a significant part of that is reading the Bible daily.  Most days, its just 15 minutes or so.  That may not sound like a lot, but doing it consistently is the key.  And 15 minutes a day can be very impactful.

Watch and listen as a F-18 breaks the sound barrier in this fly-by.  Awesome!




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