The Year of Less



For me, 2015 is going to be the year of less.

See above: Those are my goals.

Most of these are really just building on some life changes I made in the last year.

As I have written, over a family holiday in Florida for Thanksgiving 2013, I began to read about minimalism, and simplicity. You can read about that and find links to some of the best minimalism/simplicity information here.

As a result of that reading and learning, in the last year I have significantly reduced the “stuff” I have, donating, selling or trashing A LOT of stuff that was just sitting around.

As a result, I’ve also been much more conscious about what I buy, what I spend time doing, and the reasons behind both.

For me, it’s been eye-opening. I am striving to live much more intentionally, with reason and purpose behind all I do.

So, all of the things I am striving for in 2015 are in that vein. As the graphic above shows, I am trying to slow down, simplify, and live more deliberately.

One of the specific goals I have is to climb Mount Marcy in the Adirondack Mountains of New York. Without going into great detail, last September I spent several days hiking and climbing in the Adirondacks, and quite frankly, the mountains kicked my backside.  Bad.

The reverse is going to happen this year; the mountains are in for a whuppin’.   Courtesy of yours truly.

One of the things I have done to achieve that goal is change my eating habits. No, I am not dieting. I have changed how and what I eat.

Thanks to help from friends, my cardiologist, and others, I am eating lower glycemic foods, drinking more water (Sodastream!) and eating more green vegetables and proteins. Less sugar, less carbs.

All the changes I have made in the last year have been fantastic. And I am looking forward to an amazing 2015.

What are your goals?



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