The Bible is a Really Long Book

bible-200words-pixabayThe Bible is a really long book.  Actually, the Bible is made up of many books.

To be precise, 66 books.

About 1,189 chapters.

Approximately 800,000 words.

800,000 words!

But stick with me here, because I am actually helping you rationalize or explain why you haven’t read it much, or perhaps at all.  That’s cool.  No, really, it is.

Because the Bible is a really long book.

I’m not going to give you crap about not reading the Bible.  Why not?   Because for a really, really long time I hadn’t read it either.

So, if you haven’t read it much or at all, this is for you.  Let’s start simple.

Here is the BIble in 200 words.  Yup, 200 words.  You can read that.

God created the universe and everything in it.  He made us in His own image.  He created us because he loves and wants relationship with us.  But in our freedom we rejected His perfect creation and relationship.  But He still loves us and had a plan to make everything right. He gave the Law to guide and prophets to teach, but they couldn’t restore the relationship. So, he had to come in person, in His Son Jesus Christ.  God with us.  The Way, The Truth and The Life.  Jesus showed us the Way then gave His life on a Cross to pay for our sins and restore our relationship with God.  After three days in the grave, He rose to life demonstrating His power over life and death. He gave His Holy Spirit to guide us and created His church to bring hope to the world.   Everyone who rejects Jesus will spend Eternity separated from God.   Everyone who repents and follows Jesus will have everlasting life in relationship with God.   His Grace is a gift we cannot earn, we receive by faith.  Jesus will soon set everything right, make all things new and we will be with Him forever. Amen.

See, now that wasn’t so bad, was it?

Hey, you gotta start somewhere.


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The original version of the Bible in 200 words, or at least the one I saw first and was inspired by, was written by Dave Willis.  Dave is a Pastor, Author and the Founder of  The original blog post is here:



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