Weekend Reads


This week there may well be some of the best reads I have found to date. Some really, really interesting stuff.

How science is increasingly revealing evidence of a creator of the universe.

One of my favorite writers/websites for simplicity/minimalism topics is Joshua Becker at Becoming Minimalist. He has written several excellent books, and this week features his most popular writing from 2014, including readers’ favorite posts, Josh’s favorites, most popular guest posts and popular links. Very, very well worth your time to take a look and a read!

When I started down the path of minimalism, simplicity and living with focus and intention, one of the best books I read was The 100 Thing Challenge by Dave Bruno. Is a very entertaiing read about an idea, a blog, and how things go “viral” in today’s interconnected social-media world. It’s one of the best reads in a while…. Its well worth your time.

As I have written before, Tim Challies is a pastor and widely read blogger; he was one of the inspirations for me to begin blogging. In some ways, I have adopted some similar content from Tim, including this idea of sharing interesting things I am reading. He wrote an excellent blog about why he started doing that.

Airline travel is cramped, crowded and not much fun.  And it’s mostly our own fault.  Here is an interesting explanation of how and why airlines fares are what they are, and why service and comfort are what they are.

You may have read that Joe Cocker died recenly at age 70 of cancer. Billy Joel paid tribute to him at his September show at Madison Square Garden, doing an uncanny song-impression.

Here is a really cool, short video that shows how airliners are built. After watching it, I started asking myself, is it not truly a miralce that these things can fly in the first place? While the physics remain simple, the complexity of the machines is truly amazing.

Weekend Reads


Something as simple as checking and responding to emails before and after work, or when we take a “day off” can have a real impact on our health.  This study found employees reported worse sleep, higher levels of burnout and more health-related absences from work. 

Over the last year, I have been intentionally working towards simplifying my life, spending time, energy and money on things that are truly important and matter.  One of my absolute favorite blogs on this subject is Becoming Minimalist, and this is a really good article.  Don’t Just De-Clutter, De-Own.

I’m glad to see some retailers are pushing back against the trend of the last couple years of more stores opening on Thanksgiving.  I’m done buying crap I don’t need.  Enjoy your Thanksgiving at home, not at the mall.  

As I’ve mention in the past, Billy Joel is my all time favorite rock-n-roll artist.  Billy recently completed a tribute to Sir Paul McCartney.  Listen to Billy’s version of “Maybe I’m Amazed.”

You’ve probably heard that debt can be a “tool,” and that there is “smart debt.”  Is that true?  Read this article by Dave Ramsey: The Truth About Debt.

A research group at the University of Amsterdam partnered with the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester to devise a method that would definitively prove what were the catchiest songs of all time.