Not A Typical Pastor

Thanks for visiting my blog.  You’ve probably figured out by now that my name is Jamie.  And you’ve probably deduced… that I’m a pastor.  Well, it’s true.  I can’t deny it.

But I think you should know something.  Whatever picture you have in your head when you hear the word “pastor”… that’s not me.

I’m not a typical pastor….whatever that means.

According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, to be typical means “conforming to a type.”

That’s not me.  I’m not very good at conforming.

I’d rather being wearing jeans most of the time… even when I’m preaching.  I think neck-ties are a form of medieval torture.  And they look silly.  Really, they do.   Even the President of Uruguay José Mujica agrees with me saying, “The tie is a useless rag that constrains your neck.” He. Is. Right.

I drive a corvette.  I like beer.  I call people “dude.”   I’d rather be hiking than watching football.  I like to laugh.  A lot.

Do you get nervous or uncomfortable around pastors because of some expectation you have?  I’m willing to bet you’ve done some dumb things in your life, made some bad choices.

Some things you are ashamed of, or embarrassed about, right?

Some things that a “pastor” would call sins?  Well, guess what?  Me too.

Yes, I am a sinner.  I’m actually VERY good at it.  So welcome to the club.

But that’s WHY I am a pastor.  Because God loves us so much, he forgives us for all the dumb, hurtful, sinful things we do.  And I want you to know that.  To really, really know that.

So don’t be concerned about all that garbage.  At least not around me…. because there’s a pretty good chance I done some things even WORSE than you have.  For real.

Ok, now that we’ve got all the formal introduction stuff out of the way, hopefully we can just hang out a bit, talk about life and try to do better.  Together.

And since I am a pastor, I’ll just say, “Thanks for visiting.  And God bless you!  Dude.”

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