March 6 – Scripture of the Day


Today’s reading includes the story of the talking donkey.


A talking donkey?

Yup. And its not Donkey in Shrek. Here’s the deal.

Israel is continuing its journey on the wilderness after God delivered them from Egypt, but before the enter the promised land. Balak, the Moabite king, learns that the Israelites are near by, knows they have defeated many enemies, and is scared. So he sends for Balaam, who Balak wants to curse Israel.

Balak eventually agrees to go with Balak’s servants, but the Lord is trying to get Balak’s attention. God sends and angel to block the road where Balak is traveling. The donkey sees the angel, but Balak does not.

Three times the donkey stops, or walks off the road. Three times Balak beats the donkey to get back on the road.

Then the Lord makes the donkey talk to Balak in Numbers 22:28. “What have I done to you that deserves you beating me these three times?” the donkey says to Balak.

After this exchange, the Lord opens Balak’s eyes and he too can see the angel of the Lord in the road. Balak falls down and asks forgiveness from the Lord.

Interesting story.

It makes me realize that so often in our lives we are going about what we believe we are supposed to be doing, but still not fully paying attention. Still not fully being obedient to the Lord.

And some of us are so oblivious, so self-involved, or perhaps just so distracted that God needs to do something out of the ordinary to get our attention.

A talking donkey would do it.

But it’s a good reminder for me that I need to be more aware, more purposely seeking out the Lord’s will and wisdom. Each and every day I need to be listening to the Lord, and seeking to do his will.

Lord, forgive me and help me live the life you have prepared for me!



Today’s reading: Numbers 22:1-24:25
Tomorrow’s reading: Numbers 25:1-26:65




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