Let’s Pimp Out our Teen and Pre-Teen Daughters


Yesterday was one of those days I about lost my mind. I seriously do not understand what is wrong with our culture and society.

I did something yesterday I don’t often do; I went to do a little bit of shopping. You know, pre-Christmas sales, etc.

And what I saw flabbergasted me.

A section…….. an entire section………. of lingerie.


I’ve got to hand it to the marketers and advertisers: even the name is well conceived (no pun intended). Flirtitude.

Look at some of this stuff in the photos below. Sexy, seductive, alluring….you choose the words. Bras, panties, THONGS.

FOR TEENS and PRE-TEENS. Did I mention that part?


The Biblical concept of modesty is often associated with how people (mostly women) dress, and sex, and how those two things are related.  But Biblical modesty is actually about all matters of our behavior: our dress, our language, how we treat one another, our money and so forth.

In a really good article about this topic, Rachel Held Evans wrote, “Ours is indeed a culture that tends to assign value to a woman based on her sex appeal rather than her character, and that’s something we must work to change.” And she’s 100% right.

Now, even if you don’t buy into the Biblical concept of modesty; even if you aren’t a Christian; even if you don’t believe in God at all, we should all recognize the impact this has.

It’s about SEX.  And LUST.

Because when just about any male looks at the photo in the advertisement, or the bras, or the thongs, the response is as quick as it is predictable: SEX.

It encourages men to look at women, and in this case, young GIRLS, as SEX OBJECTS.

Not to value them.

Not to truly love them.

But to conquer them. To attain them, briefly, for a single, selfish purpose.

And if that isn’t bad enough, what do these messages say to our daughters?

  • Your worth is defined by SEX.
  • Your purpose is primarily SEX.
  • You should dress in ways that promotes thoughts of SEX.
  • You should act in ways that promote thoughts of SEX.
  • You are first and foremost about SEX.

I seriously do not understand parents…. FATHERS…. who buy these articles of “clothing” for their daughters. Who allow their daughters to wear such things?

What is the matter with you? Seriously, what is the matter with you?

Because if these are the things you’re are buying for your daughter, or allowing, encouraging or helping them wear, than I can really only come to one conclusion: You are — either consciously, or with your head buried in the sand — pimping out your TEEN or PRE-TEEN.

Is that the value we put on our girls?



Scripture link:  1 Peter 5:5
Photo credit: Pixabay.com and NOTaTypicalPastor.com




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