January 28 – Scripture of the Day



So, yesterday the scripture that jumped out at me had to do with lust. The scripture said Lust is a… fire that burns all the way to hell.

Ouch. Not good.

The scripture today reminded me that even when I think I am hiding my sin from those around me, I cannot hide it from God.

Job 34:21-22 says, “For God watches how people live; he sees everything they do. No darkness is thick enough to hide the wicked from his eyes.”

God knows how we live our lives. He knows our hearts. He knows we are sinners.

And that is why, because of his great love for us, he sent his son Jesus to bare all the punishment for our sin, leaving us blameless and free.




Today’s reading: Job 32:1-34:37
Tomorrow’s reading: Job 35:1-37:24



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