February 8 – Scripture of the Day


In these verses we read a great deal more of the Lord’s instructions about how to live among one another. There is quite a bit of interesting reading here, some of which makes more sense to our modern ears that other parts.

But the verse that stood out to me was Exodus 22:21, which says, “You must not mistreat or oppress foreigners in any way. Remember, you yourselves were once foreigners in the land of Egypt.”

What an excellent reminder of how to treat others. For we all have been in situations that were difficult, frustrating or hurtful. We should remember those, when we encounter others facing similar situations.

It doesn’t matter if its something as mundane as letting someone in ahead of us in busy traffic, or forgiving someone for an unkind word or deed.

Because we have been on the wrong side of those too.

There is a saying floating around on Facebook and elsewhere that says “Be kind to everyone, for you don’t know what they are dealing with.”

That is true.



Today’s reading: Exodus 22:16-24:18
Tomorrow’s reading:



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