February 22 – Scripture of the Day


One of the criticisms I sometimes hear of Christianity is that throughout the Old Testament, and perhaps particularly in Exodus and Leviticus, is all the “rules” people are supposed to follow.

No one likes rules. I am particularly bad at following rules.

And so it might seem counter-intuitive that I find so much joy and freedom in the scriptures.

How is that exactly?

How can “rules” bring freedom?

Well, we must be willing to look deeper than the rules themselves.

The scripture that jumped out at me today was Leviticus 18:5. This verse is found amongst the Lord’s commands to Moses and the Israelites regarding sexuality and other topics.

It reads, “If you obey my decrees and my regulations, you will find life through them. I am the Lord.”

If we accept the premise that not only did God create us, but He did so because He loves us and wants a relationship with us, than it stands to reason the He knows best how we should live our lives.

And so God doesn’t give us rules for their own sake.

He doesn’t give us guidance on how to live our lives because He’s some sort of giant cosmic party pooper or control freak.


He advises us how to live our lives, and live in relationship with Him and one another, because if we do so, He knows that we will be mightily blessed. We will find true life.

That’s why the “rules.”

Because He loves us!



Today’s reading: Leviticus 17:1-19:37
Today’s reading: Leviticus 20:1-22:33



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