February 15 – Scripture of the Day


In today’s scripture, we read about the offerings made at the dedication of the tabernacle. According to the Reformation Study Bible Commentary, “Each of the twelve tribal leaders had a day in which he brought a number of expensive gifts and specified offerings. These gifts and offerings are mentioned in precise detail in each case, even though all the lists are identical—a vivid reminder that God is interested in every part of the spiritual service rendered by His people.”

Numbers 7:89 is the verse I choose to highlight today, which says, “Whenever Moses went into the Tabernacle to speak with the Lord, he heard the voice speaking to him from between the two cherubim above the Ark’s cover—the place of atonement—that rests on the Ark of the Covenant. The Lord spoke to him from there.”

It must have been amazing to have that sort of relationship with God.

The great news is we can too! Through reading the scriptures, prayer, and eventually in heaven with the Lord!



Today’s reading: Numbers 7:1-89
Tomorrow’s reading: Numbers 8:1-9:14; Leviticus 1:1-3:17



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