April 5 – Scripture of the Day

Script-Day-04-05_0448In today’s scripture we read of Samson’s final victory over the Philistines, after they had captured him and gouged out his eyes. Judges 16:28-30 says, “Then Samson prayed to the Lord, “Sovereign Lord, remember me again. O God, please strengthen me just one more time. With one blow let me pay back the Philistines for the loss of my two eyes.” 29 Then Samson put his hands on the two center pillars that held up the temple. Pushing against them with both hands, 30 he prayed, “Let me die with the Philistines.” And the temple crashed down on the Philistine rulers and all the people. So he killed more people when he died than he had during his entire lifetime.”



Today’s reading: Judges 16:1-18:31
Tomorrow’s reading: Judges 19:1-21:25



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